2011: Ueli Steck Shishapangma south face solo in 10:30 hours

2011: Robert Jasper and Roger Schaeli climb Sébastien Gay Memorial Route, (1000 m, F5/A2, 90°) at Matterhorn in 16h30

2011: Patrick Aufdenblatten and Michael Lerjen-Demjen climb Bonati route at Matterhorn NF in 7h14′ 

2011: Jorge Egocheaga climbs Ama Dablam: base – summit in 5h28´

2011: Jorge Egocheaga 360º Aconcagua from horcones down ftom vacas guardería in 22h20´

2011: Daniel Arnold solos Eiger NF in 2h28′

2011: Carlos suarez FreeBASE “Murciana” at Mallo Pisón

2011: Andreas Steindl climb Matterhorn via Hörnli in 2h57′

2011:  Jonathan Griffith and Will Sim climb Cassin Ridge at Denali in 14h40 (not summit)

2010: Sindre Saether free climbs Arch Wall in Trollveggen (1200m,8) in 36h nonstop

2010: Sean Leary and Dean Potter climb The Nose in 2h36’45”

2010: Jorge Egocheaga climbs Korseneskaya: base – summit – base in 10h10´

2010: Honnold climbs Nose and Half Dome in 8h and climbing three El Cap routes in a day with Sean Leary

2010: Dean Potter, Sean Leary climbs The Nose in 2:33:45

2010: David Fusté link 4 walls of Montserc in 12h30. Paret de Aragó, Pared de Catalunya, Bagasses, Regina, Roca dels Arcs, 1855m 

2010: Andrzej Bargel at Elbrus Race from Azau to summit in 3:23:37

2009: Ueli Steck climbs  Schmid in Matterhorn N Face (onsight) 1h56

2009:  Leo Houlding and Carlos Suárez, link up in climb – base jump in Riglos (Huesca),  La Visera and El Pisón in 2h37 and Pison Murciana, Visera and Zulu in 2h10

2009 Manfred Stuffer link in free solo Geo, Regenbogen, Quo Vadis, Brusin and Brugger Walde at Sella, Dolomiti, in 3h30 (1000m VII)

2008: Ueli Steck climb Eiger NF in 2h47 (not using fixed ropes, opening track)

2008: Ueli Steck climb Colton MacIntyre Grandes Jorasses in 2h21 onsight

2008: Roger Schäli and Simon Anthamatten climb Eiger NF in 6h50′

2008: Miha Valič link all 82 4000 of the alps in winter in 102 days

2008: Leo Houlding free ascent  North West Face of Half Dome and Freerider on El Cap in 1 day.

2008: Hans Florine and Yuji Hiramaya climb The Nose in 2h43’33”

2008: Franco Nicolini and Diego Giovannini link 82 4000m summits of the Alps in 60 days (by cycling, ski, climbing) 

2008: Élisabeth Revol links GI and G2 in 52h and Broad Peak with 16 days

2008: Dean Potter FreeBASE  “Deep Blue Sea” on Eiger NF

2008: Daniel Arnold and Stephan Ruoss climb Eiger NF in 6h10

2008: Colin Haley and Rolando Garibotti climb Torre Traverse in 4 days

2008: Alex Huber free solo and downclimb Grand Capucin (Swiss route 400m 6b)

2008: Alex Honold free solos Moonlight Butress (300m 7c+)

2008: Alex Honnold Free solo of the Regular Northwest Face of Half Dome (600m 7b)

2007: Ueli Steck climb Eiger NF in 3h54

2007: Steph Davis (w) free solos the Diamond in Longs Peak

2007: Simon Anthamatten, Ernest Farquet, Marcel Marti and Florent Troillet climb Matterhorn via Hornli from Zermatt in 3h47′

2007: Samuel and Simon Anthamatten with Cyrille Berthod climbed the Compressor route at Cerro Torre in 11 hours from Niponino to the summit.

2007: S House and Colin Haley climb new route (house-haley) on Mount Robson Emperor Face in 35 hour round trip push. Ice 5, M7, 1,800m of ascent.

2007: Jorge Egocheaga and Iñaki Ochoa climb Daulaghiri in 19h 30´ up

2007: Hansjorg Auer free solo Fish (7b+/ 850 m) 2h55 and Tempi Moderni (6c/ 800 m) 2h40 in Marmolada

2007: Franco Nicolini link in 50 days the 106 Dolomiti summits over 3000m

2007: Cristian Strangl climb Denali (West Butress) in 16:45

2007: Alex and Thomas Huber climb The Nose in 2h48’35”

2007: Alex and Thomas Huber climb The Nose in 2h45’46”

2006: Ueli Steckclimb solo Bonatti route at Mtterhorn NF in 25h

2006: Stéphane Brosse and Pierre Gignoux Chamonix-Mont Blanc-Chamonix in 5h15′

2006: Kilian Jornet climbs Dome de Neige des Ecrins in 2h00m47s

2006: Silvo Karo 2006 first ascent in one day of Eternal Flame on the Trango Nameless Tower 

2006: Jorge Egocheaga run Aconcagua from Horcones and back in 13h46

2006: Jorge Egocheaga Broad Peak: base – summit – base 17h 5´

2006: Jorge Egocheaga and Iñaki Ochoa Manaslu base – summit – base in 23h (Iñaki stops C2 in way down

2006: Franco Nicolini link up Ortles-Zebru-Gran Zebru-Cevedales in 13h

2006: Denis Urubko run Elbrus in 3h55m58s Azau (2400) – Elbrus West top (5642 m)

2006: Dean Potter, Ammon McNeely, Ivo Ninov climb “The Reticent Wall” on El Capitan in 34h 57m

2006: Dean Potter and Thomas Huber try climb  Tre Cime di Lavaredo in  24 h, by hard routes, and using parachutes for descent.  starting up the final route, Huber damaged his shoulder

2006: Cristian Stangl climb Everest from ABC in 16h42

2005: Ueli Steck climbs solo N faces of Cholatse i al Tawesche in a day each

2005: Tommy Caldwell free climb The Nose and Freerider in 23 h23

2005: Michael Reardon free solos onsight Romantic Warrior (250m 7b+)

2005: Manfred Stuffer links free solo Costantini-Apollonio” at Tofana di Rozes (6c+), and “Costantini-Ghedina”l 1° Spigolo alla Tofana di Rozes, in 5h30 from rifugio Dibona roundtrip for 2180 of climbing

2005: Manfred Stuffer free solo climbs onsight Ottovolante at Torre Brunico (Sella) ( 7a+ 360m) in 1h20

2005: Cristian Stangl climb Cho Oyu 16h42

2004: Ueli Steck free solo Excalibur (350m 6b+) 

2004: Ueli Steck and Stephan Siegrist Trilogy Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (north faces) in 25 hours

2004: Steve House solo K7 (6942m) New route SW face 41 hours roundtrip

2004: Leo Houlding and Tim Emmert start para-alpinism, climbing and base jumping. 

2004: Iñaki Ochoa de Olza  and Jorge Egocheaga climbs Cho Oyu in 11h16′ and Egocheaga in 15h 16´ roundtrip from BC

2004: Huber’s  climb the Zodiac, El Capitan, Yosemite in 1:51:34

2004: Cayesh (5719m), Corriera Blanca. S.House and Marko Prezelj climb a 16-pitch all-free new route at 5.10, M7+ in a 25 round trip from a bivy-camp near the glacier.

2004: Alex Huber solo Komunist (8b+)

2003: Ueli Steck Eiger NF in 4h30′

2003: Steve House climbs Hajji Brakk (1,200m route, M6+)  5985m in Pakistan in 19h roundtrip

2003: Philippe Batoux solo climb « l’Hypercouloir du Brouillard » at Mont Blanc

2003: Lula Lindic climbs Peuterey in 15h30

2003: Jérôme Thinières climbs solitaire « Les Délinquants de l’inutile » at Vignemale NF en 12h30

2003: Christoph Hainz climb Eiger NF in 4h40′

2003: Chad Kellogg climbs Denali in 14h22 and 23h55 round trip

2003: Alex Huber free solo Compilation 8b and Kommunist 8b+

2002: Rolando Garibiotti link up Polar Circus, Weeping Wall/Weeping Pillar and Slipstream, in 15:15h car to car, 1700m WI6

2002: Hans Florine and Yuji Hirayama climb The Nose in 2h48’50”

2002: Franco Nicolini Climbs Cho Oyu in 13h30 after 10 days acclimatisation.

2002: Dean Potter speed soloed Fitz Roy 2 times: Supercanaleta  6h05, California route in 9h50 and Compressor route in Cerro Torre 12h30.

2002: Dean Potter linked the Regular Northwest Face on Half Dome and El Cap’s Freerider in 23h24

2002: Cristian Stangl climbs Aconcagua from Plaza de Mulas in 4:25h

2002: Bruno Sourzac climbs Aconcagua South Face via Southtirol route in 20h.

2002: Alex Huber Free Solo the Direttissima (500m, 7a+) of Cima Grande Lavaredo, Dolomites

2001: Vassily Litvinov climbs Belukha in 6h26 roundtrip

2001: Rolando Garibotti and Steve House climb Infinite Spur, Mount Foraker in 25h up + 20h down

2001: Potter and O’Neill’s link-up Northwest of Half Dome’s Regular Route, the South Face of Watkins, and the Nose in under 24 hours.

2001: Marko Prezelj and Stephen Koch FA of Light Traveller in Denali south Face (VI M7+ WI6, 2590m) in 51h roundtrip

2001: Jim Herson and Hans Florine climb The Nose in 3h57’27”

2001: Guy Edwards,Vance Culbert and John Millar traverse in ski Coast Range Mountains from Vancouver, B.C., to Skagway, Alaska. 2,015 km in 4 month

2001: Denis Urubko climbs Gashebrum II in 7h30 and down 11h30

2001: Den Potter and Timmy O’Neil climbs The Nose in 3h59’35”

2001: Den Potter and Timmy O’Neil climbs The Nose in 3h24’20”

2001: Dean Potter and Steph Davis climbed a new route on the north face of Poincenot in a 25-hour round trip from Paso Superior

2001: Bruno Sourzac climb solo Begond God and Evil at Pelerins (WI5 M5)

2000: Steve House, Mark Twight and Scott Backes climb Slovak Direct, Mount McKinley, in 60h

2000: Rolando Garibotti, Steve House and Barry Blanchard climb new route, Sans Blitz (WI 7, 5.5), on Mount Fay, Canadian Rockies, in 34 hours round trip.

2000: Rolando Garibotti climbs Grande Traverse in Tetons in 6h49

2000: Potter and Timmy O’Neill. Northwest Face, Half Dome + Steck-Salathe, Sentinel + The Nose, El Capitan, 21h37

2000: Matteo Pellin and Arnaud Clavel climbs Integrale de Peuterey in 28h

2000: Jérôme Thinières link Colouir de Gaube, Couloir Y and Arlaud-Zoriac at Vignemale in one day

2000: Berhault and Christophe Frendo cross Aravis by the ridges.

2000-2001 Patrick Berhault Grande Traversée des Alpes. 167days from Slovénie to Menton, 22 summits with major climbs

1999: Plaza de Mulas-Aconcagua: 6959m: Brunod-Meraldi-Pelliser in 5h57 ‘3h40 ^’

1999: Denis Urubko and Andrey Molotov climbs all Snow Leopard summits in 42 days

1999: Dean Potter The Casual Route, Long’s Peak Diamond, free-solo in 3h 59s from car to car

1999: Dean Potter links The Casual Route, The Diamond  +  Directissima, Long’s Peak Chasm View Wall + Syke Sickle, Spearhead, Rocky Mountain National Park, free solo in 11h

1999: Dean Potter climbs the Nose, then Half-Dome, in 23h23, Some days after Hans Florine repeated in 20:40

1999: Dean Potter climb Royal Arches: 57 mins car-to-car and Snake Dike: 3 hrs car-to-car

1998:Dean Potter and Jose Pereyra Regular Northwest Face, Half Dome, speed ascent in 2h54

1998: Partick Berhault and Bruno Sourzac 4 grandes faces Ecrins (Pelvoux voie Ginel-Pinard, Pic Sans Nom voie Georges-Russenberger, Pic du Coup de Sabre voie Chapoutot-Prieur, Ailefroide Devies-Gervasutti Gurékian)

1998: Hans Florine and Nancy Feagin climb the Nose and Reg Route on Half Dome in 23:30

1998: Dean Potter solitaire on Half Dome, Regular Northwest Face route 4:16

1998: Dean Potter free solo Regular, Astroman (300m 7a) and Blind Faith (300m 7a+) in one day 

1998: Chad Kellogg climbs Mount Rainier in under 5h

1998:  Filip Bence climb at Nord del Màngart route Stotica VI, 750 m, 3h

1998 SW Face of King Peak (5,175m). S House and Joe Josephson climbed Call of the Wild (new route) Ice grade 6, 2,300m of climbing, in 34 hour round trip.

1997: Steve House and Steve Swenson establish Mascioli’s Pillar on Denali (not to summit) in on push, 34 hours round trip. 5.10, A0, M7. 1,200m.

1997: Odd Roar Wiik and Bjarte Bø climb Rimmondruta in Trollwall in 8:30

1997: Guy Lacelle  free solo link up  Trophy Wall on Mount Rundle in Canada: Replicant, Terminator, and Sea of Vapors.

1997: Franco Nicolini climb cima Tosa and Presanella (9.8000m OSA) in 12h30

1997: Dan Osman speed solos Bear’s Reach in 4m25s at Lover’s Leap

1997: Berhault and Francis Bibollet in 3 days in winter:  Colton Droites, MacIntyre Grandes Jorasses, Cecchinel-Nominé pilier d’angle and Hypercouloir at Mt Blanc.

1997: Anatoly Boukreev Gasherbrum II (8035m),  from the base (5800) to the summit (8035) in 9h37 m

1997:  Filip Bence climb at Nord del Màngart: Navček, VI-, 800 m, 2h30. And Gad, VI+, 750 m, 3h

1996: Steve House soloed “Beauty is a Rare Thing” (5.8 Ice4+) on NW Face of West buttress (not to summit) in 13h

1996: Simone Moro and Adriano Greco climb Supercanaleta (Fitz Roy) in 25h car to car

1996: Russell Brice ABC-Cho Oyu in 11h

1996: Robert Casperson and Geir Arne Bore free climb Swedish Route on the Troll Wall (Trollveggen) and Mongejura’s South Pillar in 27h

1996: Jean-Christophe Lafaille G1 and G2 in 4 days

1996: Hans Kammerlander had reached the Everest summit from ABC in 17h before skiing back down.

1996: Goran Kropp cycle from Jönköping (Sweden) to Everest and climb without support

1996: Filip Bence climbs Cvetlična at Nord del Màngart V, 800 m, 2h

1996: Carlos Suarez climbs Cassin at Piz Vadile in 50 min

1996: Anatoly Boukreev Lhotse (8516m) solo BC Royce couloir to the summit for 21h16m

1996: Alain Robert free solo  Pol Pot (7c/8a) 280m

1996, Abby Watkins and Vera Wong climb all-women’s Nose in 16:30

1996 Carlos Suarez climbs in Naranjo de Bulnes Rabadá-Navarro 3:30 h, Leiva, Murciana 78, Sagitario, Almirante saliendo por la Leiva, Rebecos and Directísima

1995: Steve House and Eli Helmuth climb First Born new route on Denali’s NW buttress (not to summit) in 36 hours. 

1995: Shisha Pagma 8013m, Pep Ollé and Fabio Meraldi at 12h01 15h ^ ‘

1995: Russell Brice C1-Ama Dablam in 3h20

1995: Jean-Christophe Lafaille links in 15 days the 10 Faces of the Alps, link by skis, 140km-20.000m

1995: Gran Paradiso 4061: Champretavy sets the record 2h01’36 1h43’22” ^”

1995: Denis Urubko traverse Mramornaya Stena peak (6400) – Khan-Tengry peak (7010)

1995: Cervino Breuil-4410, 12k, 2450m: Bruno Brunod set the record in 3h14’44” ^ 2h10 ‘

1995: Anatoly Boukreev Dhaulagiri base (7400) – Top (8176) 17h15m

1995: Alison Hargreaves solo 6 NF of Alps in winter (Matterhorn, Eiger, Jorasses, Badile, Dru, Lavaredo)

1995 : François Marsigny and Jean Marc Clerc  link in one day dièdre Philip-Flamm at Civetta et de la voie Carlesso at Torre Trieste 

1994: Mark Twight and Scott Backes climb “Deprivation” on Mount Hunter in 72h roundtrip ( not reach summit)

1994: Lynn Hill climbs The Nose in one day and freeclimbed every pitch.

1994: Cristoph Hainz climb alone Fitz Roy via French route in 9h from base camp

1994: Catherine Destivelle climbs Matterhorn NF solo winter

1994: Carlos Casorio climbs Cho Oyu in 18h46

1994: Anatoli Boukreev Makalu from base camp (5300) on the main summit (8476) 21h up and 46h down

1994 Florine and Schneider climbed the Nose (5:42), the West Face (4:31), and Lurking Fear (8:52), using fixed ropes for descent.

1993: Wieliki climbs a new route in Shishapangma south face in 24h

1993: Martin Moran and Simon Jenkins link all 75 4000m of the alps in 52 days (self-propeled)

1993: Kammerlander-Hainz open a new route in Shivling N face in 24h 

1993: Gleb Sokolov climbs Pobeda peak in 20h roundtrip

1993: Franco Nicolini link 10 summits of Lagorai (11.000m OSA) in 18h

1993: Fernando Garrido climbs alone on winter Horbein couloir in Everest to 8700m

1993: Alison Hargreaves climb: “Linceul” Grandes Jorasses (2h30) Nord del Cervino (5h30) N-E Eiger, Nord-Est al Pizzo Badile via Cassin (2h30) Allain al Petit Dru, Comici at Cima Grande di Lavaredo, total time for climb the faces 23h30min

1992: Patrick Berhault and  Fred Vimal, in one day super intégrale de Peuterey. face ouest de l’aiguille Noire, voie Gervasutti à l’aiguille Gugliermina, pilier central du Freney

1992: Marino Giacometti, Monte Rosa, Bike from the sea – Genova 16h

1992: Hans Kammerlander and Diego Wellig, climb up and down 4 ridges at Matterhorn in 23h30

1992: Hans Florine and Peter Croft climbs The Nose in 4h22

1992: Gleb Sokolov climbs Kan Tengri in 12h roundtrip

1992: François Damilano link on the ridge,Arête des Grands Montets at Aiguille Verte, Les Droites, Les Courtes, Aiguilles de Talèfre, Aiguille de Lescaux, Grandes Jorasses, Rochefort. Kuffner, Monte Bianco, l’Aiguille de Bionnassay, Dômes de Miage. in 6 days.

1992: Catherine Destivelle climbs solo Eiger North Face in winter in 17h, same winter she climb Jorasses NF

1992: Carlos Suarez climbs Pilar Gervasutti en 4h

1992: Carlos Garcia free solo Zulu Demente (250m 7a+)

1992: 2 french militaries climbs Aconcagua in 4h36 and down in 5h57

1991: Wolfgang Güllich climbs Action directe 9a

1991: Profit and Béghin climbs NW ridge in K2 in alpine style

1991: Patrick Bérhault link up: new route Rouge de Peuterey – Arête intégrale de Peuterey – Pilier Central du Freney. mont Blanc-aiguilles de Chamonix, Grépon, grands Charmoz, petits Charmoz and l’aiguilles de l’M

1991: Mugs Stump climb Cassin ridge in Denali in 15h (not reach summit)

1991: Miroslav Sveticic climbs Gabarrou-Boivin” (70º/80º, 1.000) in 7 h and  “Jackson-MacShea” (90º, 1.000) in 4h, both in Droites NF

1991: Miroslav Sveticic climbs alone a new route in NF Jorasses Manitua” (6c ,A3+, 70º,1.200) in 31h

1991: Gleb Sokolov climbs Comunism Peak in 19h40 roundtrip and Lenin in 12h roundtrip

1991: Dave Shultz and Peter Croft climb The Nose in 4h48′

1991: Andres Puhvel and Hans Florine climb The Nose in 6h01′

1991: Alain Robert free solo La Nuit du Lézard (8a+) and  2 8b Abominafreux and Compilation.

1990s, Bachar free soloed Enterprise (5.12b) in the Owens River Gorge and The Gift (5.12c) at Red Rocks

1990:Merry Braun becomes the first woman to climb the Nose in one day; with Werner Braun.

1990: Wieliki climbs a new route in Daulagiri SE face in 16h

1990: Tomo Cesen climbs Lhotse South face in 46h (64h roundtrip)?

1990: Steve Schneider and Hans Florine climbs The Nose in 8h06′

1990: Popocatepetl (mexico) 5441m: V. Pani 3h30 ‘

1990: Peter Croft and Dave Schultz climbed the Nose and the Salathe in 20.5 hours.

1990: Peter Croft and Dave Schultz climb The nose in 6h40

1990: Patrick Gabarrou cross Mont Blanc Massif N-S. climbing NF Courtes, Walker at Grandes Jorasses and Grand Pilier d’Angle.

1990: Miroslav Sveticic solo in winter Harlin route in Eiger NF in 26h 

1990: Miroslav Sveticic links Aiguille du Midi NF-Super Couloir du Tacul and Mont Blanc in 12h. He also climbs Grand Piler d’Angle in a day.

1990: Miroslav Sveticic climbs “Bonatti-Vaucher” (VI+, A2, 70º/80º, 1.100) in 12h and Colton MacIntyre in 7h both in Jorasses

1990: Maurizio Giordani,  first solo ascent of The Fish at Marmolada in  10h

1990: Martin Moran run Cuillin Ridge of Skye in 3h33

1990: Loretan, Troillet and Kurtyka in 14 days open a new route in Cho Oyu in 27h and in Shishapangma SF in 19h

1990: Fred Vimal links Grandes Jorasses Walker (4h30′) and Integrale de Peuterey in 40h chamonix-chamonix (transfer by paraglide and car)

1990: Franco Nicolini link 7 climb routes in Catena Centrale di Brenta (6100m max 6) 12h 

1990: Everest 8851m, Marc Batard sets the record up and down without oxygen, 22h29 ‘

1990: Derek Hersey free solos 2 routes in Diamond in Longs Peak (Yelow wall 6c, downclimb Casual route 6a+, Pervertical Sanctuary 6b onsight)

1990: Courmayeur-Mont Blanc: Fornoni and Giacometti 12h ^ 6H7”

1990: Catherine Destivelle climbs solo Bonati Pilar in Dru in 4h.

1990: Carlos Suarez, at 18 years old,  climb Walker in Jorasses in 6h (onsight)

1990: Ben Moon climbs 1st 9a  Hubble

1990: Anatoly Boukreev Pobeda Peak (7493 m) from the glacier to the summit in 36 h + speed ascent at Khann Tengri

1990: Anatoli Boukreev climbs West Rib in Denali in 10h30

1990: Alain Ghersen link Directe Américaine at Dru, Walker spur in Jorasses and intégrale de Peuterey in 66h

1990 : Catherine Destivelle Free solo pilier Bonatti at Drus (except fissure des Autrichiens)

198X: Loretan and Georges 13 North Faces in alps in 12 days.

198X: André Georges Couronne impériale Dent-Blanche au Weisshorn (22h30)

198X: André Georges 4 ridges Dent Blanche in 16h

1989. Bill Briggs solo 3rd Flatiron in Boulder in 36:27 (car to car)

1989: Tomo Cesen climbs Temps modernes at Marmolada (800 m, 6b+) winter in 7h 

1989: Tomo Cesen climbs Jannu north face in 23h?

1989: Steve “Shipoopi” Schneider climbs the Nose in 21:22

1989: Pumori: 7200m 9h 14h and 14h back Marino Giacometti

1989: Marino Giacometti Monte Rosa from Alagna 3h 53’

1989: Loretan and Georges climbs 13 N faces of Oberland bernois in 13 days. (Gross Fiescherhorn, Jungfrau, Mönch, Eiger, Ebnefluh, Gletscherhorn, Grosshorn, Breithorn, Morgenhorn, Weisse Frau, Blüemlisalphorn, Fründenhorn e Doldenhorn.)

1989: Franco Nicolini link up Via Dolomiteu. 15 summits Brenva in 13h

1989: Chamonix-Mont Blanc: the Swiss Pierre André Gobet in 5h10’44” ^ 3h 48 ‘

1989: Carlos Garcia free solo La fiesta del biceps (250m 7a) in Riglos

1989: Alexander Shejnov solo on Tyutyu-Bashi and run up Donguz-Orun the “Seven route” in 12h roundtrip  / Ushba South (m. Kolomytseva, 6A) – 7h / Shkhelda 2 nd Zap. (m. Subortovicha, 6A). 2h to top – descended the “German Overnight” / winter solo of the north wall (Bezengi wall) of Shkhara, in 12h

1989: Alexander Shejnov solo on Tyutyu-Bashi and run up Donguz-Orun the “Seven route” in 12h roundtrip  / Ushba South (m. Kolomytseva, 6A) – 7h / Shkhelda 2 nd Zap. (m. Subortovicha, 6A). 2h to top – descended the “German Overnight” / winter solo of the north wall (Bezengi wall) of Shkhara, in 12h

1989: Alain Ghersen solo Bonati pilar at Dru in 8h

1989: Alagna-Mont Rosa: Marino Giacometti 6h7’33”

1989 : Rémi Escoffier and Michel Fauquet link Directissime Française and voie Thomas Gross in Dru W face in 1 day

1989 : Jean Cristophe Lafaille solo Privilège du serpent, 7c+

1988: Xavier Bongard and Romain Vogler climb The Nose in 9h20′

1988: Wielicki climbs alone and on winter Lhotse.

1988: Valerio Bertoglio the Monte Rosa in 5h29 Gresoney min33”

1988: Tomo Cesen climbs Crna Zajeda at Tavinik in 8h

1988: Thomas Bubendorfer link up in solo N faces of Cima Grande, West and Picola da Lavaredo, S face of Marmolada and Sas Pordoi (2500m climbing max 6a+) in 1 day link summits by helicopter

1988: Mark Twight climbs 925 meter-high “Slipstream” in 2hrs 4min E face of Snowdome

1988: Marc Batard climbs SW pilar in Makalu (8 481 m) solo 18h

1988: Marc Batard climbs Everest in 22h29

1988: Laurent Smagghe, Mont Blanc in 5h29 min

1988: JMB made the first paraglider descent of Mount Everest,

1988: Hans Kammerlander and Wolfgang Muller climbed Compressor route at Cerro Torre in 17h round-trip from the col of Patience.

1988: Fernando Garrido climbs alone and on winter Cho Oyu

1988: Alison Hargreaves climbs 6 North Faces of The Alps solo in one season. 

1988: Alex Lowe climb Grand Traverse on Tetons in 8:15

1987: Wolfgang Güllich climbs the 1st  8c Wallstreet

1987: Vladimir Balyberdin, Alexey Shustrov, Boris Mednik, Dmitry Botov, Michael Mozhaev, Sergey Arsentyev climb Khan Tengri in 10h up and 18 up and down

1987: Tomo Cesen Couloir Nord – Dru in 7h 

1987: Lenin Peak base camp (4200 m) to the summit (7134 m) for 8 hours. Anatoly Boukreev in selection race

1987: Jean-Christophe Lafaille free solo 8a+ Rêve de Gosse

1987: Cristophe Proffit climbs Eiger North Face (10h), Matterhorn NF and Jorasses NF in winter in 42h (link by Helicopter)

1987: Boivin, using skis, paraglider and deltaplane, linked les 4 Glorieuses NF: Aiguille Verte (first winter solo of the Grassi route), Les Droites (via the Corneau-Davaille, ending via the Boivin-Gabarrou), Les Courtes (Swiss route) and  Grandes Jorasses (Linceul), flying  Chamonix in 24h

1987: Anatoly Boukreev run Elbrus from the height of 4200 m to 5200 m in 1h07 in winter.

1987: Anatoly Boukreev Peak of Communism (7400 m) from 6600m in 1 hour 27 minutes and Lenin Peak (7134) from 4200 in 8h

1987: Anatoly Boukreev in selection race  climb of Elbrus East from Refuge 11 (4075 to 5621 m) 1h47

1987: Alejandro Randis climbs from Plaza de Mulas to Aconcagua in 8h 07. Same year Lito Sánchez climbs in 6h32

1987: “Kyrgyz”Alexander Shejnov run from Priyut 11 to Elbrus eastern peak in 2hr12 

1986: Wolfgang Güllich free solo Separate Reality (7b) 

1986: Troillet and Loretan climb Horbein couloir in Everest in 43h

1986: Tomo Cesen climbs No Siesta in Grandes Jorasses in 14h

1986: Tomo Cesen climbs NF of Eiger, Matterhorn and Jorasses in winter in 1 week

1986: Pierre Cusin and Thierry Gazan made 7h56 min in the Mont Blanc, starting a few years numerous attempts and records.

1986: Loretan and André Georges link Couronne Imperiale in winter in 18 days (41 summits /33 4000)

1986: JMB link NF Grand Pilier d’Angle au Mt-Blanc (3h30), Grand Couloir du Frêney  4h30 new route) ski down to Chamonix by Mur de la Côte

1986: Jean-Marc Boivin and André Georges link Naso di Zmutt via Diretta at Matterhorn and nord-nord-west ridge at Dent Blanche in 24h

1986: Benoit Grison links alone Bonatti-Gobbi at Grand Pilier d’Angle and Pilar Central Freney in a day from and back Aiguille du Midi

1986: Benoit Chamoux climbs Broad Peak (8051m) in 16h on June 20 and K2 (8611m) in 23h on July 7 

1986: Alexander Shejnov climbs Base – Ullu Tau summit in 1h45

1986 John Bachar and Peter Croft climb the Nose (10h05′) and the Regular on Half Dome in the same day.

1985: Tomo Cesen links  Walker and Mc Intyre-Colton in Grandes Jorasses

1985: Peter Craft free solo regular at Rostrum (300m 7a)  and Astroman (300m 7a) 

1985: Miroslav Sveticic climbs alone Extrême Dream” (ABO, VI/6, 90º, 1.200 metros) in 9h and Linceul in 2h50. both In Jorasses NF

1985: Middendorf, Suzuki climb Chouinard-Herbert at Yosemite: 4:00

1985: Marco Barmasse climb 4 ridges of Matterhorn in 15h

1985: Kurtyka and Schauer climb W face in G4 in alpine style

1985: JMB first winter solo ascent of the Bettembourg-Thivierge on the Aiguille Verte, descending the Whymper Couloir by ski

1985: JMB climb Albinoni-Gabarrou on Mont Blanc du Tacul, then made the first ski descent of the S face of Mont Blanc du Tacul, then climbed the Kuffner arėte on Mont Maudit and made the first ski descent of the Kuffner, via the Androsace couloir

1985: Henri Brulle climbs Dru in a Day from Chamonix.

1985: Franco Nicolini link up 15 torre Kiene in winter in 1 day

1985: Eric Escoffier links North Faces of Verte, Droites and Courtes

1985: Éric Escoffier climbs G1,G2 and K2 in 3 weeks

1985: Christophe Profit solo north face Eiger in winter in 10h

1985 : Escoffier links Walker and Croz at Jorasses (down by Deltaplane)

1985 : Christophe Proffit chain 3 faces Nord Cervin (4h)-Eiger (6h45)-Linceul aux Jorasses (4h) in 22h (helicopter transport)

1985 : Catherine Destivelle free solo El Puro, Mallos de Riglos

1985 : Antoine Le Menestrel free solo Revelations (8a)

1984: Wielicki climbs Broad Peak, 8047m in 16 h up and 6h down

1984: Nil Bohigas and Enric Lucas climb on alpine style south face of Annapurna

1984: Miroslav Sveticic climbs 3NF of the Alps in one week (Eiger in 8h)

1984: Messner and Kammerlander link  Gasherbrum II – Gasherbrum I without going down to Base Camp

1984: Jean-Pierre Bréards et Y. Lecouadou climb in winter  voie de 1962 at Pointe Chausenque in 16h 

1984: Eric Escoffier links Directe Americaine at Dru and Walker at Jorasses in 21h

1984: Duncan Critchley, Romain Vogler climbs the Nose in 9h30

1984: Dave Shultz and John Middendrof climbs The Nose in 10h47

1984: Benoit Grison link in Mont Blanc Tacul: Super Couloir (3h30), down Gervasutti (45min), couloir Jaeger (1h15) down Albinoni-Gabarrou (3h)

1984: Benoit Grison and Eric Bellin at “Envers des aiguilles“: Gemeni, Children of the moon, Pyramid and Marchand de sable in 12h

1983: Thomas Bubendorfer solo Eiger North Face in 4h50′

1983: Rémi Escoffier climb alone couloir Nord in Dru in 8h.

1983: Profit and Escofier climb Directissime Americaine at Dru in 11h

1983: Escoffier and Pierre Mailly climb Face sud du Fou in 6h

1983: Eric Escoffier link Pilier d’Ange and Pilier Central de Freney to Mont Blanc and down Brenva in 21h

1983: Eric Escoffier and Eric Gramond link Face sud Fou, Pointe de l’Épiney, Pilier Cordier at Aiguille du Roc in 18h

1983: Benoit Grison, solo Linceul at Jorasses and W face at  las Petites Jorasses.

1983 Loretan climbs 3 8000m G1,G2 Broad Peak, in 17 days

1983 Boivin soloed the north face of the Eiger in 7​h30 hours finishing by Directissima Harlin

1983 : Christophe Proffit intégrale de Peuterey solo (32 h)

1982: Renato Casarotto link in winter and solitaire: in 15 days. Ratti at face ouest de l’Aiguille Noire de Peuterey, la voie Gervasutti en face sud-ouest de la pointe Gugliermina, pilier Central de Frêney to du Mont Blanc…

1982: Patrick Edlinger free solo Pilier de Formis (100m  7a) 

1982: Franček Knez solo Eiger North Face in 6h.

1982: Escoffier climbs Linceul at Grandes jorasses solo in 2h

1982: Escoffier and Daniel Lacroix link Directe Ameiricaine and Pilier Bonatti in 10h30

1982: Cristophe Profit fre solo Directe Americaine at Dru in 3h10′ (800m 6c) 

1982: Alberto Santiago Tarditti climb Aiguille Guillamet in Patagonia from Piedra del Fraile via Fonrouge in16 hs roundtrip

1982 : Éric Escoffier and Daniel Lacroix climb Directe Américaine in 5h30, and Pilier Bonatti in 5h15

1981: Ueli Bühler soloes Eiger North Face in 8h30′

1981: Thierry Volpiatto, at 17 years old,  link Walker at Jorasses and Pilier Central de Freney at Mont Blanc alone.

1981: Ivano Ghirardini 1st Aconcagua south face in solitaire (3 days)

1981: Escoffier solo Davaille/Jackson at Droites N Face in 8h30

1981: Escoffier climbs Mazino-Seigneur at Peigne in 5h and Directe Americaine in 3h

1981: Eric Escoffier solo Gabarrou-Albioni at Mont Blanc de Tacul in 2h30

1981: Benoit Grison, 1st solo at Ginat at Droites NF

1981: Armand et Aurel Salamin climb Croix du Weisshorn in 7h31

1980: Silvo Karo link in obe day Triglav North face (1000m VI Helba and Čopov steber), drove to the Tamar valley and climb Aschenbrenner route (VI, 800 m) on Travnik North face, traversed the ridge to Šite and descended the North Face via the 450m high Zajeda route (VI)

1980: Messner climbs solo Everest via Norton couloir

1980: JMB solo Schmid route on Matterhorn in 4h10m

1980: Bovin and Patrick Berhault, link south face of the Aiguille du Fou (5h40) and the American Direct on the Aiguille du Dru, flying in Deltaplane to the Dru from the summit of the Aiguille de Blaitière.

1980: Berhault and Edlinger voie des Plaques atAilefroide Occidentale en 23h

1980 : JMB ski Matterhorn E Face then solo nord face in 4h10 and fly with deltaplane from summit

1980 : JMB ski Matterhorn E Face then solo nord face in 4h10 and fly with deltaplane from summit

1979: Thierry Renault climb The Nose in 13h

1979: Jeff Lowe solo Amadablam south face (new route) from C1 and back to C3 in 26h

1979: Earl Wiggins free solo Scenic Cruise (300m 6b+) at Black Canyons with bad rock and onsight.

1979: Charlie Fowler free oloed “Casual Route” Diamond on Longs Peak

1978: Tsuneo Hasegawa climbs solo Eiger North Face in winter

1978: Mike Lechinski and John Bachar climb The Nose in 15h

1978: Messner climbs Nanga Parbat alone from Base Camp

1978: Messner and Habeler climbs Everest in alpine style

1978: Ivan Ghirardiniclimbs in solitaire and in one winter  the 2 north faces of Alps (Matterhorn, Eiger, Eiger and Cro at Jorasses) in 4 month.

1978: Chris Reveley runs Longs Peak 2h04 car-to-car

1978: Charlie Fowler free solo regular route at Diamond wall. Longs Peak ( 300m 6a+) 

1977: Tsuneo Hasegawa 1st to climb Matterhorn NF solo winter

1977: Pete Clebeland climbs 8a

1977: JMB solo Linceul at Jorasses in 2h45

1977: Ivano Ghirardini climb solo winter Matterhorn North face in 9h, in this winter he did also Eiger and Jorasses NF (1st to do in winter and solo in one season)

1977: Charlie Fowler free solo Direct North Butress (400m 6b) 

1976: Silvo Karo solo’s Zajeda route in Triglav in 26′

1976: Long and Schmitz climbs West Face of Sentinel in Yosemite: 4:30

1976: John Bachar free solo New Dimensions (6c) , Then Nabisco Wall (7a+) Moatorium (6c+ onsight) and several short routes up to 7b. 

1976: JMB solo Lagarde-Ségogne on the Aiguille du Plan (4h30- 6 rimaye- summit) and Bonatti-Zapelli on the Grand Pilier d’Angle

1975: Nicolas Jaeger link Bonatti-Gobbi route at Pilier d’Angle, down to col de Peuterey – Mont Blanc via Pilier Central de Frêney.

1975: Messner and Habeler climbs in alpine style on Gashebrum I, 8068m

1975: Louis Bazin takes 8h10 min in the Mont Blanc

1975: Jim Bridwell, John Long, Billy Westbay Climbs the Nose in 17h45

1975: Boivin and Gabarrou link north faces of Les Droites, Aiguille Verte and Supercouloir on Mont Blanc du Tacul

1975: Alex Macintyre, Terry King and Gordon Smith climbs N face of Grand Charmoz and then Grandes Jorasses via Linceul in one day.

1974: Ray Jardine and Chick Holtcamp climb The Nose in 1.5 days

1974: Messner and Habeler climb Eiger North face in 10h

1974: Heinz Mariacher link up N faces od Cima Oeste and Cima Grande Lavaredo and 2 routes in Cima picola in one day.

1973: Jim Erickson solo climb a new route 6c in Cleveland

1973: Earl Wiggins free solo Outer Limits  (6b) at Cookie Cliff

1972: Jean Marc Boivin (JMB) solo Albinoni-Gabarrou goulotte on Mont Blanc du Tacul

1972: Henry Barber free solo Steck-Salathé (400m  6b) onsight

1970: Réné Arpin and Paul Chassagne do 7h58 min in the mont Blanc

1970: John Long and John Bachar simul solo Double Cross (V+)

1969: Reinold Messner climbs Droites (voie Davaille) 8h30

1968: Jim Madsen and Mike Covington climb The Nose in 2.5 days

1968: Jean Marie Bourgeois and René Secrétant and up and down the Mont Blanc in 8h48 min

1968 : Royal Robbins solos the Muir Wall on El Capitan

1967: Jim Madsen and Kim Smitz climb The nose in 3 days

1966: René Arnold et Sepp Graven climbs 4 ridges of matterhorn on a day

1965: Walter Bonatti climbs Matternorn NF opening a new route in winter

1963: Michel Darbellay climb Eiger north face 1st ascent solitaire in 18h

1963: Layton Kor, Steve Roper and Glenn Denny climb The nose in 3.5 days

1963: Allen Steck, Dick Long, and John Evans Grande Traverse in Tetons in 21 h

1961: Claudio Barbier climbs solo in 1 day the 5 north faces of Lavaredo cimas, routes: Cassin, Comici, Dulfer and Preuss

1960:Michel Darbellay climb solitaire pilier Bonatti at Dru in 12h

1960: Royal Robbins, Fitchsen, Frost and Pratt climb The nose in 7 days

1960: Michel Darbellay climb solitaire Matterhorn NF in 6h, pilier Bonatti at Dru in 12h, NF of Fletschhorn in 3h, via Ratti-Vitali at Aiguille Noire de Peuterey in 6h

1959: Dieter Marchart 1st solitaire Matterhorn NF in 5h

1959 : Claudio Barbier solo climbs Cima Grande di Lavaredo, Comici

1958: Warren Harding, Wayne Merryet, George Whitmore,climb El Cap; The Nose in 47 days

1957: Royal Robbins, Mike Sherrick, Jerry Gallwas climb Half Dome

1955: Walter Bonatti climb alone pilier sud-ouest du Petit Dru in 5 days

1953: Phillip and Leland Tigges run up Longs Peak in 1:54 , 2h53 car to car

1953: Michel Dufranc, Lucien Bérardini. Michel Feuillerade climb Walker at Jorasses in one day

1953: Hermann Buhl Climbs Nanga Parbat solo and without Oxigen

1952: Hermann Buhl cycles from Innsbruk and climbs NE face of Pitz Badile (in 6h)

1950: Leo Forstenlechner and Erich Wascak climb Eiger North Face in a day (vivi at summit)

1949: Louis Lachenal climb dificult routes in one day (Est du Crocodile, face Est du Caïman, voie Ryan au Plan)

1948: Louis Lachenal and Lionel Terray climb Cassin route at Pitz Badile in 7h30

1947: Karékin Gurékian climbs Walker in Jorasses in just a bit more than a day.

1946 Pellissier record from Breuil – Matterhorn in 8h40 min

1946 : Louis Lachenal and Lionel Terray 4th ascent at éperon nord des Droites, in 8h

1938: Alfred Coutet record of Mont Blanc in 12h

1938:  First ascent of the north face by Anderl Heckmair, Heinrich Harrer, Fritz Kasparek and Ludwig Vörg, achieved in 3 days

1937: Commici climbs in 3h45 N Face (Comici route) Cima Grande Lavaredo

1936: Commici free solo Diedre Fehrmann at Campanille Basso (350m V+) in 1h14 downclimb Ampferer

1933 Léon Zwingelstein ski alone from Grenoble to Chamonix, in 4 month, with 2.000 km and climbing 55 summits

1925: Emil Solleder and Gustav Lettenbauer climb NW face of  Civetta (1200m) in 15h, and only 12 pitons.

1924: Norton and Somervell climb in Everest N face to 8570m

1923: Norman Clyde run Mt. Shasta in 2h43m

1911: Paul Preuß free solo East Face Campanile Basso (V) and downclimb

1911: Paul Preus free solo Piaz in W face of Totenkirchl in 2h45

1910: Alfred Couttet and Joseph Bouchard up and down the Mont Blanc in 12h

1906:  Gustav Schulze climbs solo Naranjo de Bulnes (500mV)

1900: Olympics give “Grand Prix olympique d’alpinisme” to the best activity in past 4 years

1886: Georg Winkler solo climbs Winklerturm (Rosengraten)

1883: Harry Babcock run Mt. Shasta in 3h40m

1883: Brulle, Bazillac, Passet and Gaspard and son climb Meije in one day (19h)

1874: John Muir run up Mt. Shasta in 4h10m

1874: 20 july Chamonix-Mont-Blanc Chamonix 4810m: Frédérik Morshead 16h 30 ‘