What mountain athlete are you? 

Fjell /fjelː/ f n (definite fjellędative fjellęn or fjellęɳ) – A mountain, chain or ridge. A mountain is a large landform that rises above the surrounding land in a limited area.

Athlete /ˈaθliːt/ nA person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise. A person who is is researching the performance in terms of physical strength, speed or endurance by extensive physical training.

A mountain athlete is someone who do activities in the mountains with a performance prespective. Mountaineering is a very complexe activity, that can involve many sports and disciplines, from climbing to running, skiing, paragliding, iceclimbing… and so the preparation is very complexe. It requires Physical Capacities and Technical abilities. And also creativity to find the way of Exploration and mental strenght to accept the Exposure.

Here you can find some informations about Training, Techniques and Gear.

The Physical Capacities are the speed, endurance, strenght and altitude adaptation we have.

The Technical Abilities are the free climbing, ice climbing, mixt or dry and ad climb dificulties we are able to do.

The Exploration is all the work and creativity to do a project, if is a virgin terrain or a virgin region, a new route or a new idea.

The Exposure is the risk and compromise we want to accept and how we manage it. It comes from the style we use, the support we have, the remoteness of the place we are and the communication we have and possibilities of rescue or evacuation. The season, the weather and the objective risks of the place where we do our activity.