images  TOOLS

images Training table (excel)

images Expeditions / projects planning (budget, equipment, activity table)

images GEAR (Inventory, weight and calories counting)


images FKT and speed ascents (table)

images Performances by elevation / altitude / dificulty (Vertical Kilometer best times, best performances by altitude, technical dificulty…)

images Cronology of fast ascents / Link Ups / Races / FKT (table)

Skimo & Steep ski

images Ski descents in Altitude (table)

images Cronology of steep skiing (table)

images Ski Resorts policies and skimo tracks (table)

Trail running

images Trail running technical label (pdf)

images Elite athletes % on races (table)

Calcul of Maximal Performance on Trail Running (working table)

images Vertical Kilometer Best Times


images Experdition Planning (table)

 Expedition Pharmacy 


images Acclimatization Everest 2017 Kilian Jornet (doc)

images Training Characteristics of Kilian Jornet (pdf)