17/2/2017 This is the most logical line to ski down the north side of Trolltindan, in Romsdal (Norway)

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The summit is at 1788m, the botom of the face at 100m. The botom of the downhill at 25m. So 1688m of ski line. The average inclination is around 50°. The downhill is divised in 4 parts:

1- From summit to pass: from summit going down south following a couloir and standing as close as possible to the ridge, 5m uphill to pass. Easy ski with some dry ski. 80m-40°

2- From pass one abseil (40m) down, then some little ridge skiing and entering a small couloir until a icefall to do a 2nd abseil (40m). 200m-60°

3. Some face turns very steep 60° to entern a long and narrow couloir at 50-55° for 500m. then large and less steep and steep crossing to a small cave, where need to climb 10m, easy but steep and exposed.

4. The lower 900m are less steep, in average 45°, but with short steep sections often with blue ice. easy to get lost.

February 17th 2018 Conditions were good, I had been looking fore the past month the wall waiting for good conditions and entered the first 300 meters of the route to touch-it. That day I didn’t know if I was going to do a reco or ski all the route. I pass the farm around 9AM and start climbing, conditions ere perfect and I climbed fast, after 1000m I saw that was the day to do-it, so I climbed to the summit in less than 3 hours. I install the abseil and start skiing.

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From fiva farm

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